In the Jujuy Yungas, 36 species of bats inhabiting different microhabitats have been recorded, of which 4 are under threat (SAyDS and SAREM 2019). In 2000, the first rapid survey of this biological group was conducted in El Pantanoso, in two sites of the Mountain Jungle, identifying 5 species (Perovic et al. 2002). In 2019, a new sampling in El Pantanoso, but this time in the Piedmont Forest, added one more species to those identified in the reserve. In 2020, El Pantanoso was declared an Important Area for Bat Conservation (Díaz and de Bustos 2022), a designation created to valorize and protect bats in Latin America. In January 2023, two sectors of this protected area were surveyed, one of which had been burnt the previous year and the other had not. Bat capture abundance was higher in the unburnt sector, dominating. Sturnra lilium y S. erythromos. Se registraron en total 4 especies, de las que se destaca Sturnira oporaphylum por ser el primer registro en esta propiedad (en el sector no incendiado), tratándose de una especie rara de capturar.