• To develop programs that benefit the conservation of biodiversity and the wellbeing of societies that depend on it;

  • To study the problems that affect the conservation of ecosystems and species at a national level with the goal of promoting acts of conservation;

  • To encourage scientific research, focused on the conservation of species and ecosystems;

  • To foster the transfer of appropriate technologies for the sustainable management of species and ecosystems;

  • To promote the creation of new protected areas and the strengthening of the areas that already exist;

  • To carry out environmental education tasks with the purpose of contributing to a greater knowledge of biological diversity and the benefits of conservation.


Conservation and Sustainability

Aimed at evaluating natural systems, their components and functions, for the design and implementation of plans of sustainable use of wild species, and mitigate the loss of biodiversity through deforestation, desertification, and any other form of significant alteration of natural habitats.

Protected Wild Areas - (ArSiP)

Through the promotion and creation of protected areas, we hope to enlarge the area of protected natural ecosystems, in order to guarantee the conservation of their biodiversity and assure the provision of the goods and services they provide.

Capacity-building, Education and Communication

Capacity-building directed at forming human resources for the rational management of biological diversity, generating links between different authorities of public organisms and national, regional, and international academic institutions. Education and communication aimed at transforming strategies into action, facilitating cooperation and alliances with the industry, based on participative processes, in order to foster comprehension of the importance of conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and its inclusion in the media.


We count on a multidisciplinary team in order to address all issues holistically.

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